Saturday, July 14, 2018

Beautiful violet.

It takes us almost two years, or more to get to where we are now. It’s not easy learning a person. Get to know their traits, their likes, the do and don’ts. What could possibly make them sad and also little things that make them happy. It takes time to read a person. It was tough. We both are completely different. He is blue and I’m red. We can’t cope with one another. I’d be sad but he wouldn’t know. He’d be mad but I wouldn’t notice. Sometimes it felt like the whole relationship was a mistake, a mess. I gave up, I left, once. That’s when I finally realize this was a mistake. I thought I will be fine but I wasn’t fine at all. I miss him, everything about him. He came back and we promised each other we won’t leave. Sometimes things are still tough. But this time we tried, never left. And that was the best decision we both made. He is still blue and I am still red, but somehow we find a way to blend and become the beautiful violet. He knows me like the back of his hand. So do I. We are finally able to understand on another’s language of love. It has been easier ever since. We love better, we know better. I hope and I pray it will getting better every day, for as long as possible, for life. Thank you, I’m truly glad that we never give up trying, especially you.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

I’m at it again.

I’m at it again. Over thinking and crying.
I was wondering, how hard it is to be him.
I was wondering, what if I'm the one who is facing?
Will I still loving?

The tears dried, I've done thinking.
What have I done? Both of us are suffering.
I'm not good, maybe he's suffocating.
I'm not good, will I leaving?

It's either me leaving him or he's leaving me.
Lets pray for none to be happen, he said.
I'm sorry for everything, I said.
I'm at it again.