Friday, May 26, 2017

I'm in love

He’ll do whatever I ask of him and he’ll rarely fight. I don’t like advertising things like relationships and feelings, so he doesn’t expect that from me, just know I do love him. He may think that I’m not thinking of him at every moment, but surely he will cross my mind often enough.
He has bigger dreams that he is not confident enough to believe in, so it’s my job to tell him everyday how handsome he is and how smart he is and he is capable of it all. Even he won’t believe me, but I won’t stop saying it.
He’ll make me see the world in a new light, and I will start questioning things I never knew. I will find myself laughing at his little catchphrases, and if I do something he doesn’t like, one eyebrow will raise and he’ll look at me without blinking.
When we are out, he’ll watch me the whole time and it’ll seem like I’m the only one in his eyes. That is the moment where I can feel my knees shaking but it’ll seem perfect. Let none of this scare me and I will love him the way he deserves. We will tell each other about our past and mistakes, so it’s our job to take each other’s hand and let ourselves know we are not judging each other.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Famous question: Why him?

It’s the way he makes me smile. How every joke he tells me is hilarious. How he can annoy the hell out of me one second, and make me feel like someone special the next. The way he says my name makes me weak at the knees. I start catching myself looking his way more often, hope he is looking at me too. Then I’m start getting nervous whenever I talk to him. His instant messages become more meaningful to me, even I can’t remember what he was talking about. That’s what makes me know I fall for him.