Friday, March 10, 2017

5 years..


it is kinda funny that i'm still alive in this world. but none of us can question Allah's plan right?
there are so many things happened in just 5 years. yes 2012 was the last time i login into this account.
doesn't feel like want to write anymore.

suddenly the memories came out this early morning. i woke up with tears and let it dry on my cheeks.
realize that i grabbed my laptop and open my blog link. it was amazing to come think of it, i remembered the password. cool isn't?

all post(s) from 2010 until 2012 wasn't for anyone else but him. i deleted some of it.  last night he came like a spring breeze. i was hoping that he was real. turns out, it was just a dream. god knows how amazing the dream was.

His appearance last night made me realized that time flies too fast. seems like he wanted me to realize that it has been a long time since his face didn't come out in my head. he didn't want me to forget him. i guess..

and deleting all the posts about him should be done 5 years ago. not that i don't want it to be remembered. but that was his last request. i refused to do that 5 years ago. and last night he came just to remind me that i still need to do that.

after he gone. i just changed my blog link and keep it private until now. all those pictures and memories was in this blog. only now i think its time for me to move on. i just realize the reason why he asked me to do that...

god knows how much i miss you. no words can describe it. but the things is, no matter hard i tried. you will never be here again. until its time to meet once more. to love and to hold one another as we did all those years ago when i was your bestfriend. Al-fatihah