Saturday, April 22, 2017

2 weeks left. i feel numb..

So last friday, I finished my observation with my supervisor. For the record, this is my first observation. But I do feel like the practicum is over hahaa. Btw i got two weeks  8 days left to be called as a teacher. Macam macam perasaan ada. Rasa happy, sedih pun ada and entahlah i dont even know how to describe the feelings. pejam celik it is almost over. For sure i will miss the kids so much. School surrounding too and of course rindu nak dengar orang panggil kita cikgu. But nahh what ever it is I don't even want to be a teacher. but still i'll miss that tho. like a lot.

One thing I learnt from the practicum process is being a teacher u got to be really penyabar. I mean if u takde sikap penyabar ni then u failed. For me i bukan la penyabar sangat. But i tried to be. Ye lah it is for 16 weeks kot, nak tak nak i still kena buat benda tu. So far i realised that i've change a lot, dari tak suka kan budak, dari seorang yang panas baran (well still have that btw), dari seorang yang agak berkira nak berhabis duit untuk orang lain. yes i can feel the different and kinda like it.
I bersyukur sangat diberikan peluang ni even just for 16 weeks. Its very a precious opportunity. I really appreciate it. And im proud of my self too. I survived wohooo. okay lah till then bye !